A change in Focus

We've had a lot of discussions internally and with our users to define a business model that will allow for the stability and growth of Fabrik.

Our goals are to enable as many people to use Fabrik as possible and to give top notch support for our subscribers.

We're hugely excited to announce that we have released Fabrik 3.0.7 for Joomla 2.5

We strongly advise you to update if you are running earlier versions of Fabrik. Fabrik 3.0.7 is not for Joomla 3+ - for that you will need to use Fabrik 3.1b. Obviously our next focus will be to release a release candidate for Fabrik 3.1b. All of the changes listed here will also be available in Fabrik 3.1rc1

The latest version of Fabrik 3.1 beta is out now, you can get it from the downloads site

This is for both Joomla 2.5 and more importantly for Joomla 3.0. It is an beta release so please be aware that there may be bugs. If you find any issues please report them on the forum. It would be fantastic to get as many people testing this as possible so we can quickly move to a stable release

There's a new subscriber video tutorial on the site, informing you how to set up Fabrik's Twitter form plug-in.

The Fabrik team is extremely proud to announce the release of Fabrik 2.0.3 for Joomla 1.5.

This is a major update from 2.0.2 with over 500 commits to the source code in the last 4 months.


  • Fixing using CONCAT for cascading dropdown in table view
  • potential infinite loop in unmergeFlterSplits
  • dropdown in repeat groups (not joined) wasn't unmerging grouped data
  • db join element - show descirption was not working if values contained spaces e.g. '1 test', resolved by using selectedIndex instead
  • date element _indStoreDBFormat() was formatting ' ' to todays date - added trim's to code that tests for an empty date
  • Fixing creation of user element, must NOT call parent::onSave()!!
  • Small fix for date element, so we only create as VARCHAR if canRepeat() and NOT isJoin()
  • fixed: database join in non-joined repeat group: filter dropdown, exact match=yes - filter query was incorrect